I won't conform with society's expectation and I'll definitely find a way out of this!


Hello, I'm Farr a multipotentialite as I am an Engineer, a post graduate student, own multiple businesses and a part-time-traveler. GRID is the essence of being different and building strong creative communities which I am proudly to be part of. You can refer Kay for our tagline below to know what makes Grid GRID!


Hey ya!  I'm Nadia, the only petite in a family and in GRID Team too.. Well being petite is cool right? I might be petite but my passion for traveling is HUGE! Love to explore new culture, meeting new people, speak new languages (some bad words perhaps), get lost in the middle of nowhere and of course, to eat all you can!! (Halal alert). So, where to next?...

Wny Sahiful

A graduate architect, who enjoys visual art, creatives , fashion and adventure.  Being an entrepreneur that adds value and impact to people's life while exploring her skills and get connected with creatives from local to across the globe are part of her life goals - and GRID fulfills a major part of that. She hopes to continue this amazing journey and keep on pushing boundaries! 


Hey There! I am Khairiyah, but everyone calls me Kay. An engineer in daytime but a full time entrepreneur all day everydayyy. A loud and bubbly person, love to chill and hangout with friends and families and am always up for a FUN time. So.. Let's BREAK THAT GRID!


Benefits for All

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