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Author / Poet


Ashikin M is a nomadic traveller, picking up experiences, knowledge and wisdom on the road. Her touchstones are her stories, ever observant, without hesitations. Her steps took her from one panorama to another, one backdrop to another, to find the
umami in life, which she then turn into her stories, to be written or performed.

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Graphic Designer / Illustrator


She likes to capture almost anything by sketching as it translates words and emotion into visuals. It satisfies her to visualise what people love to see through her passion.
Her sketchbook is her best friend cum tutor, as she finds sketching as the best way to generate ideas and improve her drawing skills.

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An established spoken word poet in KL. He is active in local and
international events such as TEDxKL, Iskarnival, WIEF and CEX since winning his maiden poetry slam back in 2010.

Aside from poetry and writing, Jamal also does a bit of theater and music. Since 2016, Jamal plays the guitar to accompany Ashikin’s prose with his own compositions, occasionally picking up some vocal duties.

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Featured in a few shows around Klang Valley including JackIt!, Poetry Night UM, Malam Sayu Berpuisi at KLPac, she has also represented Malaysia in the Causeway Exchange Poetry Slam in 2018.

Ultimately, she believes that the world needs more art so she encourages people to create, always!

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Mewakili sebuah kolektif rahsia "Tastas Class of Poets" (2017), perjalanan puisi
Tulangkata bermula sejak Jun 2014 apabila tampil membedah lirik-lirik lagu Imran Ajmain untuk sebuah program podcast"Puisi Tak Berlagu"sebelum buku
pertamanya, "99 Puisi" terbit beberapa bulan setelah itu ketika berumur 19 tahun.


Puisi tak lain tak bukan ialah dokumentasi hidupnya
mencari nilai-nilai & hikmah kejadian.

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If you meet the 25 years old Farid for the first time, he would either say
Assalamualaikum, hello or ni hao. He loves writing songs, jingles and screenplay, which led him to win Sedekad Itu Kamu. From there, he has been given an opportunity to perform with Estranged Band, which he described as one of the most
beautiful moment on stage.


He also used to perform with a local band called Koale as a sessionist guitarist. Currently he’s a full time copywriter and a part time bass
guitar tech for a band called Orkes A Hizadin.

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He played in numerous music events from Fashion shows to Festivals in Kuala Lumpur, Australia, China,Indonesia and The United Kingdom. He was featured in numerous T.V and Radio shows in Malaysia, Singapore and had a his first breakthrough on BBC 1 and BBC 2 London radio Playlist. He was also selected and handpicked by
The BBC producers to be on the TOP 40 talent show called The Voice in 2014.

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